Below is my calendar. You can see the dates I will be absent and my sub— Kelly Kasle— will be covering! Additionally, you can see when your next concert and juries will be!



  • Reeds are $5.00/each! They are all either made by me, Kelly Kasle or Lieza Hansen. If you’re not happy with your reed please talk to me or Kelly and we will help you adjust your reed!


    Hey Bassoon students! I made this webpage with you guys in mind and is designed to keep you and myself organized. Below you'll find links to music you may need, requests for new reeds, calendar of important dates and any information related to concerts or juries. Also, I'll add links to cool websites you should all check out and music recordings you should listen too!

If you need to get in contact with me quickly or need a new reed, please click here: Contact!

Fall 2018

Below are your assignments for this semester. If anything is marked TBD, it means we haven’t touched base about it yet. You will also see your orchestra assignments, beginner bassoons you will not be in orchestra for the first year while you learn the fundementals of bassoon then you will get automatically moved up to EYE. Everyone else has to audition for their position.

Beginner Bassoons:

Etude: Weissenborn Book! (We will be working out of this book, please always bring it with you!)
Juries: TBD
Recital Music: TBD

EXPO Young Ensemble (EYE) Bassoons:

Laura Martinez (1st bsn)
Weissenborn Study TBD
Juries: Bb major (3 octaves), D major (2 octaves), A major (2 octaves), Chromatic Scale from Low Bb to high G.
Solo: TBD
Orchestra: 1st Bassoon

EXPO Center Youth Orchestra (ECYO) Bassoons:

Amanda Outzen (2nd bsn):
Weissenborn Study TBD
Juries: D Major Scale (2 octaves), Eb Major Scale (2 octaves), Chromatic Scale from Low Bb to high C.
Solo: Romanze - J. Weissenborn
Orchestra: 2nd bassoon

Karen Salinas (1st bsn):
Weissenborn Study TBD
Juries: Ab major scale (2 octaves), E major scale (2 octaves), Chromatic Scale from Low Bb to high C
Solo: Bouree #1 & #2
Orchestra: 1st bassoon

EXPO Symphony Orchestra (ESO) Bassoons:

Ingrid Hernandez (1st bsn):
Milde #1 and #2
Giampieri #1 and #7
Mozart Bassoon Concerto Mvmt 1
Orchestra: 1st bassoon

Carlos Cano (2nd bsn):
Weissenborn Study TBD
Juries: TBD
Solo: Variations on a theme of Robert Schumann
Orchestra: 2nd bassoon

Things to check out!

Websites to visit:

Mozart Bassoon Concerto. Every bassoonists in the world has played this and soon your time will arrive!

  • IMSLP: Looking for some music? This online library of music has alot of works that you can simply download and print!

  • USC Bassoon Studio FB page: Keeps you updated on concerts just down the street at USC and other bassoon events you should go see! Almost all are free!

  • Bulletproof Musician: From their website "The purpose of this website is to teach musicians how to overcome stage fright, performance anxiety, and other blocks to peak performance."